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Do we have buffets?

The question asked on a daily basis is "Do you have buffets?"

Our answer:

But we are working on trying to set up lunch buffets soon, so please stay tuned for more information on lunch buffets. In the meantime, enjoy our IndianStyle Lunchbox!

Our lunchbox will be equivalent to a buffet for only $10.99! A customer has options to choose from a wide variety of dishes. The lunchbox will include choice of 1 appetizer, 2 choice of entrees, white rice, 1 roti, and 1 choice of dessert. SOON we will replace the roti with a choice of tandoori naan!

The great thing about lunchbox over the buffets is that we get to prepare and serve our customers a fresh hot meal!

*pick-up, takeout, and walk-in orders only*

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