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Gulab Jamun

Hello IndianStylers!

In the Indian Culture, people are served sweets for a special occasion and today we are announcing our new series, A Lens into Our Kitchen. So why not start off with something sweet to launch this series?

A Lens into Our Kitchen is a series about showing our customers as well as others how our food is made. This is an opportunity to teach people about Indian Food as well as the culture.


A Lens into Our Kitchen: Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamuns are dumplings made out of milk and wheat or heavy cream and wheat. They are fried and then drizzled or dunked in freshly made sweet rose syrup. Check out the video below to see how we prepare and make our Gulab Jamuns!

They could be served cold or warm or covered in coconut or sprinkled with various nuts. There is no right or wrong way to serve Gulab Jamuns.

Gulab Jamuns originally originated from an Arabic dish called luqmat al qadi. Lugmat al qadi is basically made up of deep fried dough balls that are dosed in honey syrup and layered with sugar. When introduced to India by Mughals, Indians modified the recipe and made the Gulab Jamun what it is today and became a super popular sweet in India.

Learning something new everyday! I guess in way everything including food is influenced from different cultures which interconnects us all in a way.

Thank you for reading this blog! Stay tuned for a vegan version of the Gulab Jamun; coming soon to the restaurant. And come on down to IndianStyle to give our Gulab Jamuns a try!

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